I'm Nilantha Anuruddha Michael

Since I was a little boy I’ve been interested in nature and behavior of surrounding creatures. When I become young, I walked miles to find birds and animals to catch them in my camera lens. I was very anxious to research about birds and became a frequent bird watcher. Later on , I joined to ornithology group of Sri Lanka and young Zoologist Association. National botanical gardens and forests became part of my life which I ended up as a nature photographer. Waiting patiently for proper lighting, angle .shape and shadow, I learned how to catch the greatest movements in the lens of camera. My potatoes are intended to be seen as a representation of my creativity, artistic intent, and vision of my desire to create a unique reality. I strongly believe through my photography, I can build connections with nature lovers which help to create a healthy planet to live. Furthermore , I hope to work to with International organizations to spread my message , and I am grateful to be able to share the roots of my passion for conserving wild life habitats and ecosystems.

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